Do you know what is HD Lace 13x4 frontals?

Now many black women like the HD Lace ,what is the HD lace ?


HD Lace will be more and more popular among the customers .

It is the more thinner ,clearer and lighter lace than normal korean lace 

HD Lace feature :

1.invisible lace make it match well with different color skin

2.thinner lace more breathable and comfortable

3.the ends are cut / tattered more stretch

Have you research the Frontals before Purchasing? Frontals are hand created.

so expect shedding over time .Please make sure you buy from a professional for 

installation .Our Frontals can last up to 1 year with proper care . Now HD Lace 

have 4x4 closure ,13x4 lace frontals ,13x6 lace frontals .even though lace front wigs .they use HD LACE .