How to style a short pixie cut wig?

Many people like the pixie cut wigs,since it`s very refreshing to wear in summer. also very easy to take care of it .

In the terms of process ,pixie cut wigs have pixie lace wigs (13x6 lace wigs ,13x4 lace wigs,full lace wigs ,13x6x1 lace wigs ,13x2 lace wigs etc ). All machine pixie wigs .

Alright ,the most comfortable is pixie full lace wigs but more expensive. short lace wigs is more popular.

Many style short cut wigs ,such as water wave pixie cut wigs ,kinky curly bob lace wigsstraight cut wigs ,Pink cut wigs ,Blonde pixie wig human hair,highlight pixie wigs etc .

pixie cut wigs

First :you should choose a 8inch-10inch stretch length straight virgin wigs and then wash it with hair care lotions ,dry naturally. Fixed on the head mould

Second: Comb the hair gently and prepare a pair of scissors ,If you want to get the short curly wigs then curling iron is necessary.

Third: Cut the hair according the pic you prefer and then iron curls it carefully again and again .

Forth: Apply the styling cream for about 1hours then wash it and dry naturally

wow you created your beautiful curly wigs

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